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You know that our youth face some staggering issues, from education and work-force preparedness to the current health and obesity crisis. But did you know that The League is uniquely equipped to help youth overcome these challenges? Our programming is developed using rigorous educational standards, and is designed to nurture youth into becoming innovators and leaders. Research shows that this programming gives youth a significant advantage compared to those not in The League:  

  • Our youth achieve higher marks in school

  • Our youth are more likely to attend college

  • Our youth are 56% more likely to exercise and be physically active

  • Our youth are more likely to be civically active


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Leaguers across the coast are stepping-up in the face of national challenges to help their communities and address local issues. But they need the support of caring adults like you! 


Make an online donation to The Leauge today and enable more youth to become future leaders..


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