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The League of Distinguished Gentlemen is sponsored by Gulf Coast Outreach and Leadership. You can visit Gulf Coast Outreach and Leadership website at The League is a multi-component planned mentorship, community immersion and literacy program designed to promote academic achievement, community service and healthy lifestyle choices among young men. Major focuses will include homework assistance and academic mentoring, cultural enrichment courses and activities, mental and physical health development, violence prevention workshops and increased parental involvement. 

The program helps members successfully maintain grade level performance and improve academically and socially.  It encourages young males to believe success is possible and to attend college for their long-term well-being.


The League helps them build confidence and positive mental health through programs that encourage community service and strong academic development. By aggressively promoting the positive contributions of African American men throughout history, the program equips participating middle and high students with information and support to overcome the challenges of today's society. 

The League aims to increase academic achievement, civic leadership and successful social lives and relationship for young  males throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast.



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